Basement Entry

Custom DCustom D
Single ESingle E
Duplex FDuplex F

Everything you need on the upper floor! Walk right out from the dining room to your backyard patio! See the kids play from the comfort of your kitchen; or if they’re all grown up, take advantage of the basement potential for additional space!

Choose from our Custom D, Single E, or Duplex Style options.

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02From $359,000

  • Single & Multi Family
  • 1,644 – 2,252 sq feet
  • 2-3 Bedrooms (+1 Optional)
  • 1-2 Bath (+1 Optional)
  • 1-2 Car Garage

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Floor Plans

Custom D

For enlargeable floor plans please download the PDF.

Custom D
Custom D

Single E

For enlargeable floor plans please download the PDF.

Single E
Single E

Duplex F

For enlargeable floor plans please download the PDF.

Duplex F
Duplex F

Basement entry style

Site plan

RancherTwo StoreyBasement Entry

Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3

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LotStyleFloorplanTotal Sqft*Price**PhaseStatus
101RancherLook-out A11,736sqft$434,900Phase 1Sold
102RancherLook-out A11,736sqft$434,900Phase 1Sold
103RancherLook-out A11,736sqft$380,000Phase 1Sold
104RancherLook-out A11,736sqft$434,900Phase 2Sold
105RancherLook-out A11,736sqft$380,000Phase 2Sold
106RancherLook-out A11,736sqft$380,000Phase 2Sold
107RancherLook-out A32218sqft$489,985Phase 2Sold
108RancherLook-out A32218sqft$470,000Phase 2Sold
109RancherCustom B2,011sqft$445,000Phase 2Sold
110RancherCustom B2,011sqft$449,000Phase 2Sold
111RancherWalk-out A21,736sqft$414,900Phase 2Sold
112RancherWalk-out A21,736sqft$414,900Phase 2Sold
113Two StoreyCustom C1,876sqft$TBAPhase 3Sold
114Basement EntryCustom D2,252sqft$439,900Phase 3Sold
115Basement EntrySingle E1,708sqft$445,000Phase 3Sold
116Basement EntryDuplex F1,644sqft$399,900Phase 3Sold
117Basement EntryDuplex F1,644sqft$399,900Phase 3Pending
118Basement EntryDuplex F1,644sqft$389,900Phase 3Sold
119Basement EntryDuplex F1,644sqft$439,000Phase 3Sold
120Basement EntryDuplex F1,644sqft$399,900Phase 3Sold
121Basement EntryDuplex F1,644sqft$389,900Phase 3Sold
122Basement EntryDuplex F1,644sqft$423,690Phase 3Sold
123Basement EntryDuplex F1,644sqft$433,690Phase 3Sold
124Basement EntrySingle E1,708sqft$409,900Phase 1Sold
125Basement EntrySingle E1,708sqft$414,900Phase 1Sold
126Basement EntrySingle E1,708sqft$409,900Phase 1Sold
127Two StoreySingle G1,643sqft$399,000Phase 1Sold
128Two StoreySingle G1,643sqft$399,000Phase 1Sold
129Two StoreySingle G1,643sqft$404,900Phase 1Sold
130Two StoreySingle G1,643sqft$404,900Phase 1Sold
131Two StoreyFourplex H1,485sqft$345,000Phase 1Sold
132Two StoreyFourplex H1,485sqft$325,000Phase 1Sold
133Two StoreyFourplex H1,485sqft$325,000Phase 1Sold
134Two StoreyFourplex H1,485sqft$345,000Phase 1Sold
135Two StoreyFourplex H1,485sqft$345,000Phase 2Sold
136Two StoreyFourplex H1,485sqft$325,000Phase 2Sold
137Two StoreyFourplex H1,485sqft$325,000Phase 2Sold
138Two StoreyFourplex H1,485sqft$345,000Phase 2Sold

*Approximation only. Please see pdf for Finished, Unfinished and Garage breakdowns.
**MLS Sales Price (Upgrades NIC)